Lemon after-seam oil 500 ml
  • Lemon after-seam oil 500 ml

Lemon after-seam oil 500 ml

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Hair removal is the highlight treatment, but good treatment after hair removal is of the utmost importance.

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We offer our customers a complete range of products that can meet all needs: a good massage with our oils after hair removal, a pleasant feeling of freshness with our gel, thoroughly moisturize the skin while performing an antiseptic, healing, emollient action with our milk, delaying regrowth with our specific treatments.

A line of products that fully meets the needs of those undergoing hair removal treatment with waxing cannot but include a complete line of afterdepilation products, for cleansing and skin treatment.
Thus was born the line of after-war oils that, although not aging, cleanse the skin just shaved while keeping it soft and velvety.


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